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¡Hola de nuevo. Feliz día de San Valentín!
Antes de nada, decir que con este nuevo capítulo de Singing your Shades estoy participando en la fiesta de enlaces del blog Personalización de Blogs. Esta será mi segunda experiencia en el tema.

Para los que sea la primera vez que entran en el blog, os explicaré en qué consiste. Singing your Shades es el resultado de la mezcla de varias de mis pasiones: la lectura, la escritura y la música. Sí, en este post os encontrareis con el octavo capítulo de una historia que me tiene de cabeza. Es un fanfiction de la trilogía de Cincuenta Sombras. ¿Y qué es un fanfiction? Pues es una historia creada por un fan, usualmente un escritor no profesional, el cual deja volar su imaginación creando diferentes escenas, nuevas imágenes o mundos paralelos, con historias vividas por sus personajes favoritos, que pueden llegar a ser muy diferentes a la historia original. Imaginad el libro, la película o la serie que más os hayan gustado... y poder crear diferentes escenas y situaciones con esos personajes. Para mí, es mágico.
La historia está escrita en inglés. Decidí hacerlo así porque de esta manera también me servía para practicar el idioma. Para mí, el viaje está siendo increíble.
Así que, a los que os pique la curiosidad, os recomiendo empezar por el primer capítulo, y ayudaros de las canciones que acompañan a la historia (las podéis encontrar tanto en YouTube como en Spotify. Los enlaces están en la barra lateral)

 Antes de poner el capítulo, me gustaría mostrar los súper cupcakes Fifty Shades especial San Valentín que mi amiga Laia me preparó con todo su arte y su cariño... un "black velvet" delicioso y, por supuesto, completamente sugar-free (cocinado con stevia)!
Podréis encontrar la receta en su blog ( próximamente. De momento, un adelanto...

 ¡Mmmmm... estaban de-li-cio-sos!
Bueno, y ahora sí, vayamos con el capítulo 8. La verdad es que me ha traído de cabeza; durante y después de su producción. Sobretodo después...
Pero ahora me considero más que reafirmada en una idea que, aunque parece obvia, frecuentemente olvidamos: sigue tus principios y tus sueños, pero escucha a la gente que te quiere bien. ¡Creo que al final sí he ganado esta batalla! En fin... espero que os guste :)

Christian went to Elliot’s apartment to ask him some help with the translation of the last song that Midnight Sun played on her program. He had done some previous work, but he wanted to make sure he understood everything the gorgeous presenter wanted to make him understand. Paying attention to the lyrics she had shown him had been worthy in the past. They were having some beers and chatting, primarily about “Elliot’s adorable Kate”.
“I’m serious, Christian, Kate definitely is something else” Elliot said for the umpteenth time in the evening with a dumb smile on his face.
“I guess you have found the perfect match, haven’t you?” Christian said before taking a long gulp from his beer.
“I think so”. Elliot said.
“It was about time; you've tried all sizes, shapes and colors of women!” Christian chuckled.
“Well, I can’t deny it. By the way, who did you say that showed you this Spanish song, little bro?” Elliot said grinning playfully.
“I didn’t say the name, Elliot”. Christian said smirking.
“Well… It’s quite romantic. I mean, look at these verses” Elliot began reading from a sheet of paper “I feel peace within your body and I feel the wind for you, I fly towards your kisses, I want you always here… Are simply... wow!  Is there anything you have to tell me?”
“Oh, Elliot, for heaven’s sake, do you explain to me everything that happens in your life?” Christian said exasperated.
“Of course I do” Elliot said pouting and crossing his arms on his chest.
“But it is up to you! I mean, I don’t want you to do it!” Christian shouted waving his hands in the air.
“Come on, Christian, don’t be like this! You’ve recently changed; you are nicer and I’ve seen you even smiling sometimes!” Elliot answered maintaining his smile “And now, you ask me to help you to translate this romantic song... This means something, and I want you to tell me right now”. Elliot stated pointing to the floor.
Christian stared at his brother, who was smiling even wider, and sighed. Was he so obvious? Of course, he was.
“Ok… let’s say that maybe I’ve known someone…”
“I knew it” Elliot said playfully, dancing in his chair as a teenager.
“But” Christian emphasized the word “it is nothing serious, and I want you to be discreet, especially with mum and dad” Christian decided not to tell his brother the entire story, because, without perspective, he knew it was kind of crazy”.
“Ok, I’ll try” Christian hit his brother on the side with his elbow, making him laugh “Ouch, I will keep my mouth shut, I promise!”
“That’s better!” Christian said.
In that precise moment, he felt a great connexion with his brother. He always had been there for him: during his nightmares at his parents’ home or standing up for him after his fights at school. The only problem was himself; he didn’t feel as being worthy for his affection, and he didn’t recognize it. But he was beginning to admit that he couldn’t be all by himself forever; what was more, he didn’t want to. All of this was because of Midnight Sun’s influence: this woman was changing him even before knowing her.
“I’ll tell you one day, just give me sometime… ok, bro? Christian said patting his brother’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry, Christian. You know you have me whenever you need me” Elliot answered warmly.
“I know, Elliot”
“Well, bro, but I have one more question… is it a woman or a man?” Elliot said breaking the moving moment.
Christian bitted his bottom lip trying to hide his laugh and keeping a straight face. Was he really asking him seriously? Well, this was the first time his brother asked him directly about his sexual tendencies, although he knew that all his family always had wondered about it. If they only knew...
“Umm… what do you think?” Christian said touching his chin with his fingertips.
“Sincerely?” Elliot asked. Christian nodded. “Well, I don’t know, but I don’t mind at all”.
“Good answer!” Christian told grinning. “She is a woman. At least I hope so”.
“What??” Elliot said widening his eyes.
“Ha, ha! It’s a long story. I promise I’ll tell you one of those days!”  

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

Ana left her pen on the table and sighed heavily. She had finished her last exam; the last one of so many. That was it. She was sure all her exams had gone really well, and she was pleased with the result of her efforts. She felt free, excited and fully prepared for what was about to come: a new job, a new apartment in a new city; new experiences. She could not wait to begin this new and adult life, and give herself an opportunity with Fifty. Fifty, Fifty, Fifty. Why was she so sure about him? She felt like she knew him since forever, that they had shared something really special and were tied up in an unbreakable commitment. It was really weird. She even had dreamed about losing her virginity with him. The fact was that she wasn’t a virgin because of religious or moral reasons; she simply had not been able to go further with a boy because the moment she was sharing some intimacy with someone, she couldn’t help but thinking about that grey eyed boy, as if it was him who was caressing her, kissing her... And, at that point, she felt like cheating on the boy in front of her, so she had to stop it. Currently it was not so different because she could not help imagining Fifty with the physical appearance of that boy: his unforgettable eyes that changed from almost translucent to dark grey, his beautiful face, his full lips, his lean body that she could imagine under those faded t-shirt and jeans... But the most important thing was his strong presence and that irresistible pull that made her shiver only thinking about it. So the fact that she could feel something very similar reading Fifty’s e-mails and thinking about him, made her think that there was something more between them.

Kate turned her head back and searched for Ana’s face. She frowned due to the loss stare on her friend’s eyes and when Ana noticed her, Kate put a questioning look. Ana grinned and mouthed the word “Free” and they both draw a broad smile on their faces.

They went back home sharing Kate’s Mercedes; it was way more comfortable than Wanda, Ana’s old Beatle. They turned the music on, playing it out loud, and sang all the way round to their apartment, planning how to celebrate the end of their academic life. That would be definitely a party night.

Ana's red shoes
Kate had convinced Ana to wear a pair of red pumps with heels to kill. Ana was walking around the main room of the apartment trying to accommodate her feet to the cruel punishment.

“You are doing great, Ana. Now turn around... like this... ok. Well done”. Kate was sitting cross-legged on the coach watching intently Ana’s movements. “You’ve got it. Yes, you’ve got it”. Kate made a gesture of assent pointing Ana with her index finger.

“Are you sure, Kate? I think I’m going to fall at every moment”. Ana said hurting.
“Yes, I am. And these shoes make your legs seem endless” Kate said grinning. Ana sighed resigned.

Finally, Ana put on her black skinny jeans, a halter neck black top and the red pumps with a red purse to join them. She also put on a denim jacket. She kept her makeup natural and her shiny chestnut brown hair loose. She was elegant and discreet, yet sexy. Kate was wearing a black dress that hugged all the curves, covering her body just to be decent. She had her hair up in a messy bun with some loose strands framing her face. She wanted Elliot to go crazy that night.

“Wow, Kate. Elliot might have a heart-attack seeing you like this” Ana said when Kate went out her bedroom.
“Don’t worry, I will take care of him tonight” Kate answered with a sinful smile.
“That means I have to ask José to stay the night at his place, doesn’t it?” Ana said raising her brows.
“Oh, it won’t be necessary. He has booked a room in the Heathman. And it has a Jacuzzi”. Kate grinned. 

They took a taxi and went to an Italian restaurant to have dinner. José and Michael, the other radio technician, were already there when they arrived. Ana asked José about his cold and his exams, and he told her he was ok. His demeanour seemed a little weird to Ana, but she was not in the mood for caring about it and she simply brushed it off.

Ana was sipping her amaretto cocktail when she saw a gorgeous blond man approaching behind Kate with a wide grin on his face. He put his index finger on his lips, in a gesture of asking her to remain quiet. He might be Elliot, Ana thought. Kate was talking animatedly about her work at the newspaper and, all of a sudden, the blond god put both his hands covering Kate’s eyes and whispered in her ear: “Hi, angel”. Kate squealed in her chair and, turning around in a nanosecond, threw herself all over him, making him almost fall to the floor. Yes, he definitely was Elliot. Ana looked at the picture in front of her; Kate was beyond happy and he was staring at her with love written in his eyes. Elliot joined them and Kate made all the presentations. He was kind, playful and a bit flirty, but in a good way. He had clear blue eyes that radiated sincerity and there was no doubt he was totally smitten with Kate. Ana immediately liked him. She didn’t ask him about his brother because she thought that always being “the great mogul’s brother” might be a little tiresome, but José and Michael didn’t bother about it and they kept asking him about the Christian Grey. Turned out that not only he didn’t mind talking about his younger brother, but he was sincerely proud of him.

“So, is Mr. Grey your younger brother?” Ana asked frowning. She had formed an image of that Mr. Grey in her mind: a man on his forties, brown haired with hints of grey hair on his temples and a nice and paternal expression on his kind face.
“Ana, didn’t you read my article?” Kate shook her head with an amusing expression. “I hope you sort your things out soon and begin focusing on real life again. You know what I mean”.
Ana blushed with a guilty expression on her face and José frowned a little.
“Well, yes. Christian is three years younger than me”. Elliot said noticing there was something going on between them, but not knowing what exactly it was.
They had a delicious meal consisting in different anti-pasti dishes and pasta specialties, all served with generous amounts of Lambrusco rosato wine. The final touch was a delicious tiramisu cake and some shots of grappa.

When they came out of the restaurant they all were a little dizzy and ready to party. Ana was surprisingly stable on her high heeled red shoes, walking gracefully as she swung her hips. The first thing they do at the club was taking some tequila shots. Ana was feeling so happy and carefree that she even not noticed the burning gaze of José as she licked the salt of the back of her hand. She and Kate beat the dance floor with enthusiasm and abandon. Elliot and Michael joined them some time after. José was nowhere to be seen. But he in fact was almost hidden in a corner of the bar, watching Ana intently as she moved her delicious body gracefully. He thought that she was painfully breathtaking in that outfit, especially with those provocative shoes that lengthened her legs exquisitely. She was slightly swinging her hips, with both her arms above her head. Her eyes closed and her head matching the pounding rhythm of the song. She was dancing discreetly, effortlessly showing the innate elegance that defined her and which she was not aware of. José noticed the lyrics of the song that was sounding at that time and took a deep breath: 

Why did you call me again and again? Just to tell me you wanna be friends?” 

The song finished and another one began. The suggestive sounds of the notes of a guitar along with a bass guitar at the background filled the space. The people in the dance floor whooped in approval and a man’s voice began rapping about butterflies. Elliot crashed Kate’s body into his and kissed her fervently. Ana and Michael began laughing in shock because of Elliot’s outburst and then the passionate couple disappeared by magic arts. Only Michael and Ana remained in the dance floor, and they began dancing together. Michael placed his hands on Ana’s waist and she placed her forearms on Michael’s shoulders. They were slightly wiggling their hips with one of Michael’s legs positioned between Ana’s as they chatted animatedly. Suddenly, José appeared in front of them and they moved apart, forming a triangle.

Once the song finished, José asked them to go outside to have some fresh air. Michael decided to stay, but Ana went out with him.

The welcoming cool air of the night refreshed and brightened them up.

“Oh… I needed some fresh air!” José said stretching his arms above his head as he took a deep breath. The hem of his white t-shirt rose slightly showing his abs. “I think I’m drunk”.
“Well, you know what they say about us, the musicians… Alcohol does not affect me that much, I’m too used to it” Ana chuckled. “But my feet are hurting as hell”. She walked to a near bench and sat down as she took off her shoes and curled her toes.
They stilled in silence a couple of minutes sitting on the bench. Ana swung her legs back and forth maintaining her feet a few inches above the floor. She shuddered because of the cold air and José approached himself and hugged her softly.
“Are you cold?” Ana could feel José’s warm breath on her neck, mixed with a hint of alcohol.
“I’m fine, José. Don’t worry; it was only a transient cool breeze”. Ana couldn’t look José in the eye because he was too close to her.
“But you are all over goosebumps, Ana” José inhaled sharply directing his look to Ana’s cleavage. She felt uncomfortable and embarrassed.
“José, please. I think this is not a good id…”
“Shhhh” José interrupted her placing his index finger on her lips. Then, he slowly slid it through her chin, her neck and her chest, tapping with his fingertip over her heart. “I want this. I want you all, but most definitely I want this” He kept pointing there.
“Please, please, José. I know you like me, but you are my best friend, almost my brother”. Ana pleaded.
“I’m not your brother”. José said through clenched teeth close enough to let his nose brush against her ear. He laid his hand flat on Ana’s chest, spreading his fingers; his other arm tightly around her back, enveloping her. “You drive me crazy, Ana”. He began trailing soft kisses on her jaw.
“José, stop!” Ana yelled. “I know you’re drunk, but you have to stop it, now!”
José tightened his embrace and forced her to face him grabbing her chin with his free hand. Ana tried to push him placing both her hands on his chest, but he was stronger than her. He crashed his mouth on to hers, forcing his tongue in between her lips. Ana tried to keep calm and focus into finding a solution. As they were sitting on the bench with their torsos facing one another, Ana raised herself a little, lifted her knee and hit José in his groin. He let go of her immediately, placing both his hands on the spot as he groaned in pain.
“I’m sorry, José” Ana took her shoes from the floor and left quickly without looking back.
She didn’t find Kate, Elliot or Michael in the club, so she grabbed her purse and jacket and went home taking a taxi. 

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

The next day, José kept calling and texting Ana, until she decided to switch off her phone and forget about him. At least he had the decency not to visit her. She was really mad at him and didn’t want to face him. How could he do this to her? She knew José liked her, but she never had done anything to mislead him. Her only pleasant thought was her close encounter with Fifty Shades. She felt butterflies in her stomach just thinking about it; finally the time had come. Suddenly, that grey eyed boy came into her mind. Why did she find so many things in common between them? She really didn’t know any of them, but she could say they both had a troubled soul and a kind heart. She wondered about him… What would he be doing those days? Would he still live in Seattle? Would he have found happiness at last?

Kate arrived home in the afternoon, all over the moon, with a wide smile on her face. She hugged Ana tightly and looked her in the eye.

“What happens, Ana?” Kate said frowning.
“Nothing, Kate. I’m glad you’re so happy”. Ana said smiling.
“Don’t lie to me! What’s the matter? Has something happened? Are you ok?” Kate glared at Ana from head to toe, trying to find what was wrong.
“It’s nothing important…” Kate narrowed her eyes and pouted. Ana sighed. “Ok. I’ll tell you. But you have to promise me you won’t do anything. I have the situation under control” Ana said placing her hands in front of her in a gesture of defense.
“I promise”. Kate said as she rolled her eyes.
“Yesterday José tried to make a pass at me”. Kate widened her eyes. “He was drunk. I managed the situation hitting him in the groin”. Ana shrugged.
“Oh my God, Ana! Are you ok?”
“I’m ok physically, but I feel sad because of his behavior. I think I didn’t deserve it”. She simpered.
“Of course you don’t! That fucking bastard! Has he tried to reach to you?”
“He has been calling and texting, but has not come here. Lucky for me…”
“You mean lucky for him, don’t you? Did you hit him in the groin, really?” Kate chuckled.
“Hell yes. I left him lying on a bench, bent over with the pain!” Ana laughed.
“Well, he deserved it”.
They both laughed and spent the evening watching old movies and wondering about their future brand new life in Seattle. 

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

Ana's dress for the graduation
The graduation day had come. Kate and Ana had breakfast as they chatted enthusiastically. Kate was excited about her speech, and Ana was over the edge about her meeting with Fifty after the concert. The concert; it was also something challenging. She was playing Debussy’s Claire de Lune. It was one of her favorite pieces, and it always reminded her of him, the grey eyed boy. She wanted to make some kind of secret tribute for him; she will never forget him, but she was prepared to make a step forward. Kate left home very early, almost three hours before the beginning of the ceremony. Ana stayed at home, waiting for Ray to come. Her mum and Bob were already in Vancouver and they would meet her there. She looked at her dress that was neatly lying on the edge of the bed and at her shoes placed on the floor beside it. She brushed the silky surface with her fingertips. Would he like it? Ana beamed at the thought. It was a silk grey dress, with a halter neck, loose-fitting with a belt made of the same fabric tied on the waist with its ends long and loose. It also had an eyelet in the middle of the chest, from the superior hem of the dress to the spot between the breasts. The shoes were high-heeled grey peep-toes. The outfit was elegant and comfortable but trendy. She kept her makeup natural and put up her hair in a side bun. Half an hour before the start of the ceremony the bell rang. Ana hurried to open the door, hoping it was Ray, but instead of him there was a police officer at the other side. Ana frowned.

“Good morning, madam. Are you Anastasia Rose Steele?”
“Yes I am. Is there any problem, officer?” Ana asked as she tightened the belt of her robe.
“Do you know one Raymond Steele?”
“Yes I do. I’m his daughter. Well, his step-daughter. Where is he?” Ana felt a lump in her throat. Something was wrong.
“I’m sorry, madam. His step-father has been involved in a car accident. He had to be transferred to hospital and he is in surgery now”.
“What hospital?” Ana felt all the blood drained from her face.
“The Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center. Let me drive you, madam”.
Ana run to her bedroom and put on her jeans, a t-shirt and her Converse, grabbed her purse and her phone and followed the police officer to the car. In her way, she phoned her mother and texted Kate. Her only thoughts were focused on his father: He had to be ok. He had to be ok. Please God, let him be ok.

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

Christian jumped out of the Audi SUV with butterflies in his stomach. He had that tingling sensation in his fingertips which made him shake his hands constantly. He was nervous as hell, but at the same time, he couldn’t wait for his meeting with Midnight Sun. Elliot stepped out of the car as well. He was so proud of his girl he wouldn’t have missed her speech for nothing. Christian had told him he would spent the night in Portland, so he decided to come to the graduation with him, spent the night with his adorable and naughty Kate, and return to Seattle with Christian the day after. But Christian’s demeanour was weird. He seemed happy, but overexcited. It was too much. It wasn’t as if his brother would not be used to speak in public; in fact, he was a fucking genius bringing people round to his point of view, so there was no point in being so nervous. Taylor, Christian’s personal body-ward and trusted man, who was driving the car, also felt that something was going on with his boss.

When they arrived to the stage, there she was Kate, who jumped in Elliot’s arms with a worried face as she hugged him tight.

“What’s wrong, angel? Are you feeling bad?” Elliot asked lifting her chin to look her in the eye.
“Oh, Elliot... Ana’s father has been in a car accident. He’s seriously injured; he’s currently on surgery”.
“Fuck! Is Ana with him?” Elliot exclaimed.
“Yes, she is. I’ve informed the college president and Mr. Clayton, the WSU band director. Ana was playing a piano solo and some other pieces with the rest of the band”.
“Poor Ana. How is she doing?” Elliot asked.
“She sounded devastated when we talked. Ray is her step-dad, but he’s the only father she has known and they are very close”.
“Well, let’s hope he will do fine”.
Christian approached the couple. He felt something was wrong.

“Good morning, Ms. Kavanagh. Pleased to see you again. Is everything ok?” Christian asked politely.
“Oh, good morning, Mr. Grey. It’s just my roommate’s father had a car accident this morning and I’m worried for him to get well and for her for missing her graduation day. She was also playing the piano in the concert. I’m sad about them”. Kate said laying her head on Elliot’s chest.
“I’m sorry for them too. Is there anything I could do? I mean it”. Christian asked diligently.
“Thank you so much, but I think all we can do is hope the doctors could save him”. Kate answered gratefully.
“Well, this is my bro; always offering his help” Elliot smiled to Christian as he caressed Kate’s cheek. “By the way, her name is Kate. Stop with the Ms. Kavanagh thing. And I let her tell you Christian”. Kate patted Elliot’s arm and Christian rolled his eyes.
The ceremony went uneventfully. Christian’s speech made all the people who were listening to him wonder in awe when he explained the reasons why he was supporting the ecologically sustainable farming program and the WSU music band. In that point, Kate reminded she never told Ana that Christian had asked her Midnight Sun’s identity; maybe a good work opportunity was waiting for her. Kate’s speech had a similar effect on the people around; it was a clever and observant approach about the current situation of the young and the importance of not only making the most of the good opportunities but also actively seek them. In fact, her speech was inspired in one of the topics Christian spoke during their interview.

After almost two hours of handing over hundreds of diplomas, dozens of women fluttering their lashes (and other parts of their bodies) to him and bearing the flatterers who were surrounding him, Christian had had enough. He almost lost his temper when he handed over Kate's roommate's diploma by mistake to another graduate. It had been such an inconsiderate behaviour of the campus crew not having it separated from the rest. He read the name "Anastasia Rose Steele" and he liked it. He kept the degree aside to hand it over to Kate after. So, there was only that concert, and then the moment of truth would arrive. He wondered if he maybe had just handed over her degree. He thought he would know her the moment he saw her or touched her, even without knowing it was her for sure. He imagined it had to be some kind of electricity between them, something different, but he had not felt anything for anyone of the women in the endless row. He had a funny feeling, but he decided to brush it off.

He approached Kate and Elliot, who were chatting with a dark-skinned boy.

“Ms. Kavanagh... I mean, Kate... magnificent speech”
“Thank you, Christian. The same to you. It was very explanatory”. Kate smiled to Christian. Hearing him talking about his hunger during his childhood had been quite impressive. Ana was right; he was not so bad. Not at all.
“You’re welcome. By the way, here you are your roommate’s degree. It has been absolutely awful and inconsiderate they hadn’t separated it from the rest of them and I almost handed it over to another lady”. Christian shook his head in disapproval and handed it to Kate.
“Thank you” Kate remained in silence, thoughtful. “I wonder how is Ray, and how Ana is doing”.
“By the way, you can tell Anastasia I will carry with all the expenses the insurance company didn’t cover. I know the treatments after this type of accident are often long and expensive”
“Wow, brother, you’re awesome. Ana will be so grateful” Elliot exclaimed as he patted Christian’s shoulder.
“Christian, you’re so generous. I will tell her. Thank you so much”. Kate said widening her eyes.
“It’s the least I can do”. Christian shrugged.
“By the way, this is José, a friend of mine and Ana’s”. Kate said introducing José.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Grey. It is such an honour. José offered his hand to Christian and they shook them.
“Nice to meet you too, José. You’re not graduating today, are you?”
“No, I’m not. I have another year left here”.
“Ok, well, if you excuse me, I have to go”. Christian said smiling and turning on his heels.
“Aren’t you coming to celebrate, bro?” Elliot asked.
“No, Elliot. I have an important deal to manage right now”. Christian said beaming. 

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

Ana was sitting in the waiting-room in front of the surgical wing. Carla and Bob were sitting beside her with their hands intertwined with hers on Ana’s lap. Carla was humming some kind of pray with her eyes closed. Bob was facing the floor in silence. Ana was staring at the wall in front of her, feeling numb. Her eyes were stained by mascara and her cheeks were dyed with dried tears. She had a hole in her chest that emanated such a coldness she was frozen from the inside. Neither Bob’s jacket could warm her up. There had been three hours since Ray was on the operating room and there weren’t any news. Her phone had rung a few times, but she didn’t care to look at it. Suddenly, a young woman in blue scrubs appeared. She also was wearing a flower-patterned cloth cap. She had an exhaustion expression on her face, but she was smiling warmly.

“Ana Steele?” She asked.
“Yes, I am. How’s my father?” Ana said as she woke up of her numbness and the three stood up.
“I’m Dr. Mathews, the main surgeon in your father’s procedure. Since we haven’t had the chance to talk until now, I’m going to explain the whole situation”. Ana, Carla and Bob nodded in assent. “Due to the car crash he suffered a minor cranial trauma, a major abdominal trauma and a femur fracture. He remained conscious all the time until we sedated him for the surgery, so I believe there won’t be any major complications due to brain damage. Some extra exams as a cranial scan will be needed to ensure, though. The femur fracture has been stabilized with an external fixation. This is a temporary measure, waiting for Ray’s complete stabilization, and the final treatment will be an intramedullary nailing”. Dr. Mathews sighed and resumed her speech. “The abdominal trauma caused a massive hemoperitoneum which origin was a breach in the spleen. A splenectomy was needed. There is no further damage as intestinal or another abdominal organ. A blood transfusion was also performed”. The doctor smiled. “He will be fine. He’s a very strong man”.
“Thank you so much” Ana hugged the doctor tight and let her when she realized of her over-familiarity. “I’m sorry” She muttered.
“Oh, don’t worry. It’s fine”. Dr. Mathews answered with warm eyes. “You’re welcome. One person will be able to see him in about two hours when he will be moved to the ICU”.

The doctor left and Ana, Carla and Bob hugged together in a hopeful embrace. 

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

Firstenburg Family Fountain
Christian let out a big sigh and stepped out of the car. He had a white rose-bud in his right hand.

“Taylor, I won’t need you in a few hours. I’ll let you know if you have to come”. Taylor nodded and left his boss at the Firstenburg Family Fountain. He wondered what in the world would have this man in between his hands. Taylor had realized of the great change in his boss behavior; he barked less often, he even seemed some kind of happy. There were less screaming in the middle of the night. And what was more incredible: there were no more petite brown-haired girls. No more Playroom. That door had been locked since New Year’s Eve. Would he be turning into some kind of Buddhist celibate or something?

Christian paced back and forth. This area of the campus was quite calm in that moment. He cut off the stem of the rose and put it on his lapel. He looked around him but no one was coming. He took a deep breath, brushed his hand through his hair, and began walking around the fountain.

He waited one hour and a half in there. No one appeared. Then he decided to enter to the cafeteria across the fountain. He could continue watching from there. She had to come. It was her who encouraged him to do it. He trusted her.

Two hours more past. Christian felt lost. His eyes were darker and shiny from the tears that threatened to appear and it was hard to breathe properly. She was not going to come. He stood up from his chair and went to the bar. He asked politely to the waitress for a sheet of paper and an envelope with a fake mask on his face. She was over the moon; she had been watching him all the time, not wondering what was Christian Grey doing at her cafeteria all alone, but enjoying the view. Christian turned to his table and began writing a letter. He closed the envelope and wrote on it “to Midnight Sun”. He closed his eyes and relished on the sharp pain on his chest. He knew that feeling too well. Almost six years ago, he said he didn’t want to feel that way again, but this time it was even worse. At least, in that time it was for her best. Maybe this was also the same situation. He was not good for anyone. Maybe she had realized and decided not to come. He didn’t know why, but this time he felt like this was his last opportunity; it wasn’t as if he never thought he had any, but he couldn’t help feeling like that.

After some minutes, he called Taylor to come and pick him up and went out of the cafeteria. It was dark outside. Then, some blonde haired boy passed near him.

“Wow, you’re Christian Grey, aren’t you? It is such an honor… Nice to meet you, sir” The boy beamed and offered both his hands. Christian shook them.
“Nice to meet you too and congratulations if today it was your graduation day”.
“Well, no. I will graduate next year. But thank you anyway”.
“By the way… do you know who Midnight Sun is?” Christian asked, hiding all the anger that was about to explode in his chest.
“Ummm... Maybe I know someone who knows her”. The boy said making a face.
“Of course you do” Christian spat out, remembering Kate’s answer during the interview. “Here you all seem to know someone who knows her”.
“What?” The boy said frowning.
“Whatever. Can you do me a favor?”
“Of course, Mr. Grey”.
“Some minutes ago a boy came and gave me this envelope. He told me it contains a letter for Midnight Sun. You know... people think I know everyone in the world...” Christian said waving his hand nonchalantly. He hoped this story was believable.
“No problem, sir. I got it”. 

_ §§ 0 §§ _ 

Ana was sitting beside Ray’s bed. He was peacefully sleeping and Ana had one of his hands between hers. Carla and Bob had returned to their hotel room, but she wanted to stay the night. She was calmer now that she knew Ray was safe. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her chest that spread merciless to her back. She could not breathe for some seconds. She stood up and bent down, positioning her hands on her thighs, looking for some air to reach her lungs. Some minutes after, she could breathe normally, but the pain still remained. Without an obvious reason, she began crying uncontrollably, feeling a cold and sour sadness pervading her soul.





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