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Singing your Shades. Chapter 7.

Bueno, aquí está el capítulo 7. Fue complicado de escribir, después de un capítulo tan emotivo como el 6, pero creo os gustará. Como siempre, intento transmitir no sólo con el texto, sino con la música que aparece en él; es casi tan importante como la historia misma. Estas nuevas canciones las encontrareis actualizadas tanto en Spotify como en YouTube.
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Espero que os guste!
Well here you are Chapter 7. It was difficult to write, after such a moving chapter as the 6th one, but I think you will like it. As always, I'm trying to convey not only with the text but also with the music that appears in it; it is almost as important as the story itself. You can find these new songs updated both in Spotify and YouTube.
You can also can find some images related with the story on Pinterest (the link is located on the sidebar of the Blog).
Hope you like it!


José got out of the radio studio without waiting for Ana. He ran almost until he reached his car, and drove home without looking back. Then, he regretted having left her alone in that parking lot at these late night hours, but he just couldn’t face her. He was really pissed off. Why Ana didn’t realize what she got in front of her? He had tolerated those other guys going out with Ana because he knew she was not really interested in them, but now… Now she was feeling something strong for someone; it was crystal clear. The ghost of that sad guy from Ana’s past, or whatever she named him, had always been floating in the air, but he was a kind of teenage crush, at least it seemed so, and José always had had the hope Ana would move forward. He had been delusional. Who the hell was this mysterious guy that e-mailed her? Did she really know him? If not, how was it possible to fall in love with someone you don’t know? When they began working together at the radio, he thought that maybe a change in their relationship was possible; hand by hand, at such late hours in the night, the music, the intimacy of being isolated in the studio… but Ana kept treating him as always. He was just a fool. Ana was in love with another guy, and he felt lost and disappointed.

# # # #

Ana got up from bed and walked to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Kate was busying herself typing furiously on her laptop, her face deep in thought, while sipping some coffee.
“Good morning, Kate. Do you want me to prepare you something to eat, since you are so busy at such an early hour in the morning?” Ana asked yawning.
“Thanks, sweetie. I’m fine. I’m so excited I can’t eat anything at all!” Kate answered grinning widely.
“Why are you so excited?” Ana asked while preparing some tea. She grabbed a granola bar and chewed it while watching a very happy Kate. If Kate didn’t want anything to eat, then she neither was in the mood to cook anything. “By the way, can I borrow your laptop for a second?” She was dying for checking her e-mail. She had spent the night dreaming about all the possible scenarios derived from yesterday’s program, and all of them ended with she fervently kissing Fifty Shades, whatever his face would be, or crying desperately lying on the floor.
“Sorry, you can’t. I’m making some final adjustments to this, and doing some more research. I want this interview to be a turning point in my career... well, you know, in my future career!” Kate was wordy and euphoric, as always she was excited about something. Ana frowned unintentionally and then Kate stopped for a moment and glared at her. “You have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t you?” Ana tried to put a straight face, but she was a terrible liar. “Oh, Ana… you are so focused in one single thing lately…” Kate shook her head smiling and Ana blushed slightly. “Don’t worry, I don’t blame you. By the way, you have to explain to me what was all about yesterday… Your audience must be so pleased; it was like listening to the ultimate lover… romantic, but in a weird way”.
Ana blushed profusely this time, and took another bite of her granola bar, avoiding Kate’s glare. This made Kate laugh. Embarrassed, Ana chewed the inside of her cheek.
“Well, thank you” Ana said raising her hands and doing the quotation marks with her fingers. “I promise you I will explain you the whole situation this evening. It’s true I’ve been somehow distracted lately, and I’m sorry. Anyway, will you tell me now what this project is about? It seems such an important thing!”
“Yes! It is that interview I’ve been pursuing for months. Today I will be interviewing Christian Grey, the most powerful mogul of the west coast. It is such a great opportunity… he concedes very few interviews, and only to relevant and serious media, so I’m really excited!”
“Oh, Kate, I’m very proud of you!” Ana hugged her friend with affection. “And why do you think he decided to concede this interview?”
“Well, you know I can be very tenacious”. Ana snorted at the understatement. Kate was the most tenacious person in the planet! “Besides, he is involved with the university. He is the most important investor in the ecologically sustainable farming project of the environmental science department”.
“Wait a minute. This Christian Grey is also the most important donor of the music band, isn’t he?” Ana said. She had just remembered the name.
“Yes, he is. And he will be conferring our degrees in two weeks”.
“Wow, Kate. He must be such an important businessman, and philanthropic too. He seems a good man”.
“I’m not sure, Ana. There are a lot of comments on the net about him. He also seems a heartless businessman. I will tell you once I know him”.
“Ok, Kate. Give him an opportunity, he can’t be that bad!”
They finished their breakfast, and Ana prepared herself to go to her scheduled classes. She would have to wait until the afternoon to check if Fifty Shades had replied to her pleas. Now the ball was in his court.
# # # #
Christian was running across the empty streets as if his life depended on it, following a punishing pace. His hair was plastered over his forehead due to the sweat that also poured through his back and chest, sticking his t-shirt to his body. Taylor was nearly dying following him. Once they reached the small building, Christian stopped and entered into it. The doorman greeted them both with a knowing smile, and Christian went directly to the stairs. He needed to burn the excess of energy that was about to make him explode. Last night, he fell asleep with the sweet lullaby of Midnight Sun. Then, he had dreamed about all the possibilities in front of him. But in fact, he had no option; he needed to meet her, as he needed the air to breath. Whatever it took, he had to do it. But he was scared to the bone. Luckily, his shrink had a gap first thing in the morning. He had to tell Flynn from the beginning.
John Flynn arrived to his office with a warning message of his secretary about a much altered Mr. Grey waiting for him. He walked through the corridor and noticed Taylor sitting on a chair of the waiting room, eyeing a magazine. The man nodded his salute with an impassible face and he continued reading. Mr. Grey was just inside the office. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Christian was pacing the room up and down, with his fists clenched both sides of his body. He turned on his heels when he noticed someone had entered in the room, and sighed heavily. There were a million feelings showing on his face; hope, loss, some kind of happiness, but fear was the most palpable of them.
“Good morning, Mr. Grey. You’ve woke up earlier than usual today, don’t you?” Flynn took a seat in his armchair and invited Christian to do the same with a gesture of his hand.
“I needed to talk with you urgently, John. I’m sorry if I’ve disturbed you”. Christian said sitting on the armchair and rubbing his face with both his hands.
John Flynn was shocked with Christian’s demeanor. Was he really apologizing? It had to be something really serious if he was acting like that.
“Well Christian, don’t worry about that. Please, tell me what’s bothering you”. He said with a straight face taking his leather notebook and his pen.
“I’ve met someone, John” Christian didn’t know how to begin explaining all the mess he had in his head.
“Do you mean another submissive, Christian? If I’m not wrong, you ended Susannah’s contract some months ago”. He said while writing some notes.
“No, I don’t mean another submissive, John. I mean I’ve met a woman, but not a submissive”. Christian looked Flynn straight in the eye. The doctor didn’t believe what he was hearing.
“That’s very interesting, Christian. Can you explain me what is your interest in this woman, then?”
“She is intelligent, funny, and charming. I also think she must be a generous person, with a big heart. I’m sure we could spend hours talking about whatever. You know what I mean?” Christian looked to the doctor with pleading eyes.
“I think so, Christian. So, are you interested in this woman as a… friend? This is a novelty…”
“Hell no! I mean, I think we could be friends, I’m sure we have a lot of things in common… and maybe she could understand me.  But I want much more. I’m thinking about her all the time. She soothes me. She is like an angel; she has the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, and sexy as hell. I’ve imagined having sex with her, in a lot of different ways” Christian closed his eyes for a second biting his lower lip and inhaling sharply “but not in my playroom, and not as my submissive. So, I can say I’m not interested in her only as a friend”.
“Are you telling me you would try having a normal relationship with this woman?”
Christian nodded yes slowly. “At least I would try”.
“Ok. Have you thought about your haphephobia? Is she aware of it?”
“Not yet. But I have imagined her touching me and I have not freaked out”. Christian shrugged.
“Well, that’s something. But it’s very important you tell her”. John Flynn was very excited about the change in Christian’s demeanor. He had noticed a change some months ago, but this was a big step towards a better life. “So, how long have you known her? What is she like?”
“I know her since Christmas, and I don’t know her appearance. She is beautiful on the inside, and I’m sure she is on the outside too, but I don’t mind. The problem is me; I’m not sure if she would like me once she knew me. I mean the real me, not only my appearance. She had kept telling me not to worry about this… well, in her own way, but I know I’m a kind of monster, and I’m terrified”.
“Excuse me? I think I don’t get you”. Flynn couldn’t help making a face.
Christian recalled all his speech and realized how absurd it was. He began laughing without control placing his hands on his belly; a cathartic laugh that lasted some minutes. When he finished, he whipped the tears that escaped from his eyes and sighed heavily. “Excuse me John. I think I’m going insane”.
John was frowning, sitting with his back leaned in the chair and his legs crossed. “Well, I will ask you some simple questions first, and then you will elaborate more”. Christian nodded again. “Ok, first of all, you are not a monster, Christian. I don’t know who this woman is, but she is right. Second, it seems you know this woman, but not physically, so can you tell me what kind of interaction do you both have?”
“She conducts a radio program about music. I began listening to her just before Christmas”.
Flynn made a nod of assent and wrote some notes in his notebook. “Does she know about you?”
“Yes. I’ve been e-mailing her”.
“Did she have replied to your e-mails?” Flynn wanted to know if this whole thing was real or it was some kind of delusional crush.
“Yes, in some kind of way”.
“What do you mean?”
“I didn’t give her my e-mail, so she has been replying me through her words and her songs during the program” John was about to talk when Christian interrupted him “Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not a complete delusional; she has mentioned my name and has talked to me directly. You can hear the programs; they are kept recorded in the web archive. It’s WSU web radio. I don’t stop listening to them once and again”.
“Did you tell her your name?” Flynn told with his voice full of surprise.
“Not my real name, a pen-name. She neither uses her real name. I think she is very shy”.
“Which pen-name did you choose and what’s hers?” Flynn was almost dying by curiosity.
“I’m Fifty Shades and she is Midnight Sun”. Christian shrugged again.
“Interesting…” The doctor wrote something more and placed his hands on his crossed legs, intertwining his fingers. “So, let me do a brief summary of the situation… You are feeling this attraction for this woman you knew some months ago. Now, you want to go further and really know her, and perhaps constructing a relationship with her. It seems she also feels something for you… Am I right?”
“Yes, I think it is a good recap of the whole situation” Christian told him rubbing his chin with his fingers.
“Good” Flynn smiled pleased with himself. “So, what are you going to do, and what’s bothering you right now?”
“Yesterday she asked me to meet, and I’m scared as hell”. Christian passed his hands through his hair and pulled it.
“Well, Christian, initiating a relationship could be something challenging, and a little bit frightening sometimes, but I think you could try. Always taking into a count that it can be harsh and not what you are expecting”. Suddenly John felt a paternal feeling towards Christian. He was such a lost boy sometimes.
“I’ve realized I have no option, John; I need to meet her and tell her everything I’m feeling, other way I will go crazy”.
“Well, Christian, we should finish our meeting, but I want to ask you one last question before you leave. You have said you don’t know how her appearance is, but you have envisioned her having sex with you. Have you imagined her like someone you already know?”
“Yes, John. In fact, I can’t help putting on a face from the very beginning I listened to her. Not only the face, but the smell, and the pull I felt with a woman I once knew. I don’t know the reason, but I feel the same way when I listen to her voice than the moment I met that girl; safe, cared, and terribly attracted to her. Although she was just a girl, too young”.
“Are you referring to that girl on the piano shop? Annie? Well, I think you have put this face on Midnight Sun because she transmits you the same feeling of calmness and safety. I think this is good, Christian”.
“Thank you for your help, John. I will keep my scheduled appointment”. Christian stood up and offered his hand to the doctor.
“Perfect, Christian. I’ll see you next Friday”.
# # # #
Christian spent all the morning wondering about Midnight Sun. He was about to e-mail her when there was a knock on his door. It was Andrea, his personal assistant.
“Excuse, Mr. Grey. Your next meeting, Ms. Kavanagh, has just arrived to the building”.
Christian frowned. He had forgotten this interview with the tenacious Ms Kavanagh. When and why did he agree to it? Oh, yes, it was a kind of favor to his father, the president of Kavanagh media. Besides, it will be another opportunity for good publicity related to his support to WSU; first the environmental science department, then the music band, and now the newspaper. Although the two firsts really were important projects for him. He closed his laptop and turned his attention to Andrea.
“Ok, Andrea. Lead her to my office when she arrives. No need to knock on the door”. 

Kate arrived punctually to Grey Enterprises Holdings, or Grey House, as they called it. It was an impressive building that rose as a giant of glass and steel. The lobby was as impressive as the outside, basically made of sand stone and large windows, all impeccably clean. The receptionist announced her arrival, gave her a visitor identification and led her to the right elevator. She pressed the button of the twentieth floor and straightened her clothes. She was fully prepared for what was about to come.
Christian stood up when Ms. Kavanagh entered in the room. She clearly was a mixture of both her mother and her father. He studied the woman in front of him: lush curves, strawberry blonde hair, deep green eyes and a very feminine but dominant aura. She was pretty, but in a very conventional way that didn’t attract his attention at all.
“Good morning, Ms. Kavanagh. Come in, please”.
“Good morning, Mr. Grey. It’s a pleasure to meet you at the end. I know you are a very busy man”. Kate said remembering word by word what she had practiced some hours ago while they shook hands.
“You are welcome, Ms. Kavanagh. Please, have a seat”.
The interview went well. Kate was clever and more bearable than Christian expected, and Christian was less arrogant than Kate expected. He, in fact, seemed a good man, only a little bit odd sometimes. They talked about the business world, the financial crisis and the opportunities it could bring to the new entrepreneurs. They also talked about Christian’s relationship with the WSU in Vancouver.
“Well, Mr. Grey, you are one of the most important investors supporting WSU. Can you tell me why are you interested in the sections you are supporting, and if you are interested in supporting some more?” Kate asked with security in her voice.
“Well, I invest in the environmental science department because I think that its ecologically sustainable farming project is one of the best initiatives relating this area in the present technological scene. Countries in the Third World need such projects to become really possible; it’s the best way for them to achieve their self-sufficiency”. Kate nodded in awe. “On the other hand, I love music; it helped me as a child, and I think it is not only an important form of education, but of communication too. As it is said, Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”.
“Oh, this is one Victor Hugo’s quote, isn’t it? Kate said.
“Yes, it is indeed” Christian answered without hiding his surprise “How do you know the quote?”
“Well, my roommate uses it a lot. She is a musician”. Kate said shrugging. “Do you play any instrument, Mr. Grey?”
“Yes, I play the piano since I was a child”.
“Oh, in fact she is the first piano player of the WSU music band. She is awesome”. Kate said with pride in her voice.
“I haven’t had any chance to hear them play, but their reputation precedes them. They seem very good indeed.”
“Well, they will be playing at the end of our graduation, so you will have the chance in that moment”.
Christian’s face lighted for a moment. He had found the perfect moment for his encounter with his beloved Midnight Sun.
“By the way, Ms. Kavanagh… can I ask you something?” Christian said with hope written in his eyes.
“Of course, Mr. Grey”. Kate said politely.
“A colleague show me the other day an interesting radio program of the WSU radio, about music…” Christian let the words drop.
“Are you talking about Midnight Sun’s program?” Christian nodded widening his grey eyes. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? She’s such a clever girl, I mean… she’s a great professional, and she has multiplied the radio audience by ten”. Kate was delighted with the fact that Ana’s fame was crossing WSU frontiers, and reaching non other than the mogul Christian Grey! She could not wait to tell her.
“Do you know her?” Christian held his breath.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I know someone that knows her identity, but that’s all. Are you thinking about investing in the radio?” Kate was really excited. She wanted to answer yes, yes! I know her. She’s Ana Steele and she’s the best in her field!
“Well, maybe. And I’m also thinking about investing in the newspaper”. Christian smiled, trying to hide his disappointment. He had to wait until the graduation day. Maybe it was for the best; if Midnight Sun was also graduating she would need to study hard until then, and he didn’t want to interfere in such an important thing.
They stood up to make their farewells.
“Thank you so much for the interview, Mr. Grey. I hope we will meet again at the graduation; I will be doing the final speech”.
“I will be looking forward to see you, Ms. Kavanagh. And maybe you could introduce me this fantastic pianist your roommate is”. Christian said smiling.
“Of course I will. Until then, Mr. Grey”.
As Kate left the office, Christian reached for his laptop. He had made up his mind. He had to meet her, and now he knew how. Taking a deep breath, he began typing…
Dear Midnight Sun,
You are a very brave woman, and I’m in awe of you. You are the spark that lights my dark soul, and the only one capable of transforming this shadow of a man into someone strong enough to trespass his fears. I will be honored if you meet me at WSU on the graduation day. I want you to look me in the eye and show you who I really am. The real me. Now I know I can trust you. I will be waiting at the Firstenburg Family Fountain before the concert. I will be wearing a white rose on the lapel of my jacket.
Until then, I will be counting impatiently the minutes left, listening to your sweet voice through my computer and imagining you whispering in my ear.
Yours sincerely,
Fifty Shades.
# # # #
Kate was in the elevator, going down to the ground floor. She was alone, staring at the door, thinking about the interview. It had gone well. She never thought the big mogul could be so easy going. He was some kind of weird sometimes, but quite nice indeed. And sure he was hot; sex on legs. He was like a super model or something. But he had a domineering demeanor hidden behind his panty-dropping smile that Kate was founding suspicious. There was something awful, something dark in the deeps of Christian Grey. The door opened and she went outside the elevator absent-mindedly. Suddenly, she got stomped on someone with all her strength. She let her purse fall to the floor and placed both her hands on a broad and muscular chest.
Elliot entered into Grey House whistling. He had convinced Christian for having lunch together; his little brother needed a break. He winked to the receptionist, winning her shy smile with it, and went to the elevator. When he heard the ping of the automatic doors opening he continued walking towards them, without realizing there was someone else going out of the elevator. He could not avoid her, and they crashed into the other so hard that he had to grab her by the waist to settle himself.
When Kate felt these strong hands wrapping her waist, she raised her head to find a blue stare in the prettiest face she had ever seen, put in a frame of soft blonde curls and the most incredible smile in the word. She felt her body melt. Elliot couldn’t believe the angel that was in his arms was real. She had the greenest eyes he had never seen, the sweetest face, and her warm and luscious body simply seemed to be made for his embrace.
“Hi, angel. I’m Elliot”. Elliot said widening his smile.
“Hi, gorgeous. I’m Kate”. Kate said grinning seductively.
They kept staring at each other’s eyes grinning in a silly way forever.
# # # #
Ana entered in the library and sat abruptly in front of one of the PCs that were settle on a row. It was almost four in the afternoon and she had not been able to check her e-mails. She was about to go crazy; she needed an answer. While the computer was switching on, she wondered about Kate and realized she had to be back by that time. Had she had to worry? She checked her mobile phone and saw a very brief text from Kate telling her that she will be late and not to worry. Ana shrugged and completely forgot about her once her inbox screen appeared. She held her breath and read his e-mail. Then she re-read it, and then once again. Shutting her eyes tight, with her fists in front of her chin, she hissed a big “Yes”, making the librarian angry. She mouthed sorry, and hiding her giggle went out of the library.
She drove to her apartment with a big smile plastered on her face. She was about to meet him. She felt something warm expanding in her chest, like a balloon getting bigger and bigger, and about to explode. She could not breathe normally, but she was feeling great. More than great; she was full of joy. She parked the car a few blocks away of the apartment, and walked all the way round jumping like a teenager. Then, she took a long shower and spent all the afternoon and the evening planning her next program. She texted Kate to check everything was all right, and she tested her back she was about to came back to Vancouver.
When she was about to go to bed, Kate arrived. She had the biggest smile on her face; only comparable to Ana’s.
“Oh, Ana, something incredible happened!” Kate said taking Ana’s hands with both hers.
“I’ve got to tell you something, too. But you go first” Ana replied widening her smile.
“I think I’m in love, Ana!” Kate let go Ana’s hands and joined them in her chest.
“Wow! With that Christian Grey? How old is he?” Ana asked frowning.
“Oh, he is not that old, but I’m not talking about him. I mean, he is hot; he could be a model, but I’ve met his brother Elliot and he’s is gorgeous! I mean… he is the man of my dreams!”
“Come here immediately! You have to tell me everything!” They sat on the couch and they spent the next few hours chatting, eating pizza and drinking cheap rose wine.
# # # #
The day after, José texted Ana he was not feeling well, so there will be the other guy who worked as a radio technician with her. She tried to talk to him, but he didn’t take the several phone calls she made. They were about to do a break before the final exams and there won’t be another program until after the graduation.
At 23:00 h sharp the program started. Ana was feeling happy; now she knew for sure this was a direct line to him, and it felt as a conversation.
“Hi guys, how are you doing? I’m feeling just great! I’m Midnight Sun and we aim to fill you up with good music, from head to toe!”
Ana giggled, and Christian giggled too as he listened to her. He sipped some wine and put the vase on the table near his bed. He was lying on it, with his back leaned on the headboard, only wearing his pajama bottoms after a calming shower. His mind went to his brother for a moment. He had called him at the last minute to cancel their lunch, and then he had phoned him to tell him he had met the more incredible girl in the word. Elliot was always dating with beautiful girls; he had screwed at least the half of Seattle, and he was always ready to tell all the sordid details, but this time he kept telling him not only her beauty but her other innumerable qualities. It turned out she was non other than the tenacious Ms. Kavanagh. What a little world!
“Well, I wanted to begin with a song that I adore: Rocketeer, by Far East Movement featuring Ryan Tedder from One Republic. It fills me with some kind of joy, sends me to a better place, full of hope. I just wanted to share it with you. And say thank you for let me join you in this new journey. Thank you, Fifty”.
Christian almost jumped out of the bed, screaming in joy with his fists raised above his head. He kneeled on the bed and took the laptop with both his hands putting the screen in front of his handsome face. He felt an unnamed emotion climbing to his throat. He wished she were there to kiss her hard.
“Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer. Let's fly”
Ana stood up from her chair and began dancing, for the amusement of Michael, the guy who was standing for José.
“Where we go, we don't need roads
And where we stop nobody knows
To the stars if you really want it
Got a jetpack with your name on it
Above the clouds and the atmosphere
Say the words and we outta here
Hold my hand if you feeling scared
We're flying up, up outta here”
They both were willingly accepting this opportunity, and grabbing it with both hands. They had the chance to move forward, together.
Ana filled the program with different types of music; from Snow Patrol asking you to open your eyes, to Terrorvision wondering if there was really life on Mars. Christian really liked it, and he could not wait to meet her.
“Well, we are arriving to the end of the program. Remember we will be doing a break until after the graduation. Then, it will be our last program! Today, I’m not singing; I want to save my voice for a very special moment in the near future…” Ana sighed and Christian gasped. “But I want to share with you one last song. This special tune is called Cuatro Elementos, by a Spanish group named La Musicalité. I know you will adore it. This is Midnight Sun and it has been today’s program. Take care. See you in two weeks”.
A melodious electric guitar riff along with a soft drum rhythm at the background filled Christian’s ears. Then a calm baritone voice began singing in Spanish.
“Siento paz en tu cuerpo
Y siento el viento por ti
Vuelo hacia tus besos
Te quiero siempre aquí.
No puedes decir que no
No puedes decir jamás
No debes pedir perdón
Tan sólo: te quiero más.
Dolor que no puedo ver
Ni siento cuando te vas
No puedes decirme adiós
Te llevo en mi caminar.
Gritando que no me ves
Rezando por que tú vuelvas otra vez”
She never disappointed. He was sure the lyrics were as incredible as the rest she had chosen for him. Once the song finished, he entered in Google and found the lyrics. He would have to ask Elliot to help him with the translation. His parents had always thought that learning a second language was important; his sister Mia and he could speak French, and Elliot could speak Spanish.
He sighed heavily. What a woman, he could not wait to meet her!




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